Three new booklets about Rose O’Neill are $5 each plus postage.

.Inquire if interested in any booklets for more information.

Japan Kewpie Club Dues are $18 .  Make checks payable to Vernon Jordan.

Mail To: Vernon Jordan PO Box 8448, Des Moines, Iowa 50301

Other booklet still available involving Rose O’Neill and her creations.

Below book are currently out of print.

The Iowa Rose O’Neill Association (IRO’NA) is an affiliate of International Rose O’Neill Club Foundation (IROCF).  The club dues are $8 individual or $10 per family. You need to be a member of IROCF to join IRO’NA. 

Contact Ron Songer for details.  Mail Iowa member dues to IRO’NA, to:  Ron Songer at 2013 Ridgeway Drive, Denison, IA 51442-1230.