Reach Us

  You can reach JnJ by phone, fax, e-mail or snail mail.   

  We are available from 6-10pm CST Monday thru Friday and most of the weekend.   Or you can call anytime and leave a message.
   Would you like to order?  Please see your dealer first.  Or you can order direct from JnJ.  We accept orders by phone, fax, e-mail or snail mail.  

 Our new product list is available for $2 through the Post Office ($3 foreign). 

We can e-mail the list for free.


 Address            JnJ Trains
                   P.O. Box   683
                   Pleasantville, IA.  50225

515  848-5055
Fax        515  848-3311


If you would like to see your photos on the web, send them to us!   We can accept e-mail JPEG, GIF, PNG or regular photos through the mail.   These will be returned, unharmed.