JnJ produces unique locomotive, passenger and rolling stock shells.   Along with
 a full line of detail parts, power chassis, and truck sideframes.   Use the links 
below, or scroll down the page.

   JnJ also has a large selection of custom painted, ready to run freight cars.
Find them here.

   You can also order other hobby items from JnJ.   See something you like in the
 Walthers catalog?   We can get it and save you up to 20% (sometimes more).    
Need a Walthers catalog?   We have those too.

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Locomotive shells          Frame list



Freight cars


B&O Wagon top 
  40ft Box Milw. 50ft Box Milw.
'39 Milw. Caboose    

Passenger cars                                                                                


Hiawatha 1939 RPO EXP Tap Parlor
Diner Coach Obs. Tail
Harriman 80ft Coach 80ft Combine 80ft Baggage
60ft RPO 60ft Baggage 60ft Exp. RPO
60ft Kit 80ft Kit
Santa Fe Sleeper Coach 24 Roomette
Lun/Din Early Lun/Din Late Bag. Dorm
Southern Pacific Coach Tavern Obs. Tail
3 Car Articu. 2 Car Articu. Parlor

detail parts
Misc. Details

Freight Car Details
Tack boards  Placard Holder Superior 6' Door Youngstwn 6' Door ATSF corrig. 6' Door
Boxcar Ladders Reefer Details Antenna, Wagon
Antenna, Dish  Hopper Gates 
Walthers 4427
Hopper Gates 
PM Grain
Fifth wheel stand  Smoke Jack Coupler Mount
Grain/Coal Car
Coal Car Wght.
Log Car Stakes Steel Coil 60" Steel Coil 72" Steel Coil 84" Tank Car Detail
Propane Car Detail BrakeWhl.Equip BrakeWhl. Univ BrakeWhl.Assrtd Brake Whl. Ajax
Catwalk 47' Hoppr Catwalk 52' Hoppr Catwalk 2 Bay  Catwalk 40' Hoppr Catwalk 2 Bay DLX
Catwalk 54' Hoppr Catwalk 50' Hoppr Catwalk 50' Boxcar Catwalk 40' Boxcar Catwalk 100 Ton
Catwalk Cyl Hoppr Catwalk 35' Hoppr Catwalk 4 Bay  CC Catwalk Walth 4427 Catwalk 47' Atlas/CC
Autorack Panels  Grab Irons 15" Grab Irons 18" Grab Irons 24" Grab Irons 24" Ladder
Grab Irons 30" Grab Irons 15" Drop

Passenger Car Details

Locomotive Details

Fans 36" Modern       48" Modern    48" Modern, Flat  36" GP Style        48" GP Style         
                  FM 16-44 US   FM 16-44 CP    Genesis   RF 16 Shark  FM  C Liner

Drop Step  EMD Drop Step  Alco Drop Step  GE MU Hoses 
Lifting Ears  E & F Lift rings  EMD Lift rings  GE Wind Deflectors 
Icicle Breaker  Windshield Wipers EMD Windshield Wipers GE Windshield Wipers ALCO
Light Generator  Antenna   Can Style Antenna   Sinclair Steam Generator  RS3 
Spark Arrester  CN  Air Tanks GP 7/9  Low Air conditioner  Vapor  Air conditioner  Prime 
Air Filter  Horst Steam Gen.  GP/ F Units Smoke Jack  CP Spark Arrester  18"
Spark Arrester No Lift  Spark Arrester  24" Bell   CNW Style  Bell  Side Mount
Bell  Switcher MU Connecter  Dual  MU Connecter  Single  Spark Arrester  ATSF
Spark Arrester  EMD Spark Arrester  CN Plow  F Units Air Tanks Roof   CP
Rotary Beacon   Old   Snow Shields UP  Fuel Tank GP18 w Air Fuel tank GP18
Plow  F unit Sand Hatch Pilot  Diesel  CP Vent  Dynamic Brake
Roof Air Tanks  GP  Fuel Tank  Early Fuel tank Late  w Air Fuel tank Late
Fuel Tank ALCO 420 Exhaust Manifold  GE Sideframe Flexi coil  Sideframe GE  3 Axel 
Brake, Clevis Rod Ladder, PRR Shark  Antenna  PRR Loco Safety Chain

Frame List

    RF 16  A&B 
Fits.... Life-Like
FA or Atlas RS3

FP 45 
Fits.... Kato or
Life-Like E8
Bach Dash8-40C

F 45 
Fits.... Kato SD45
ConCor C636


SD45 B
Fits.... Kato SD45

GP 15 MP
Fits.... Atlas RS1,
GP 7,  GP20

E 3/6  A & B
Fits.... Kato E8

DL 109/110
Fits.... Life-Like E7

ERIE Built A&B
Fits.... ConCor,
Life-Like or Kato PA

GP 38-2
Fits.... Atlas GP40

H 16-44
Fits.... Atlas RS 1
or NEW GP9

FT A & B 
Fits.... Our Frame

Fits.... Atlas
SD 50/60

GP 60, GP 60M & B
Fits.... Atlas GP40
Life-Like GP60

Fits.... Atlas SD60
or Our Frame 344-2004

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