What is the New JnJ Trains?

    JnJ Trains was started by Jon Cloyd in 1985 to fill the need for details in the growing N scale market.   Over the years JnJ has grown from supplying just a few detail parts, to offering over 500 distinctive items.   Including body shells, etched and metal details, and special run cars.   JnJ can also save you 20% or more on items in the Walthers N&Z catalog (excluding JnJ products).

   My name is Troy Borgerson.    In 1997 I met Jon and showed him a boxcar I had made.   He asked if I could make another as a master. Since then I've been making masters and doing detail work for JnJ.

   In 1999, Jon decided to retire.   My wife Deann, and I took over JnJ in November of 1999.   We intend to continue to bring new and unique quality items to the market.   These will be listed on our Projects page along with a release date and other information.   We also intend to correct the supply problems of the past and improve customer service.

   Please visit the rest of our site and see our product photos and yours!   Do you have a layout, loco or rolling stock you would like to see on the web?   Send us your pictures and we'll put them on our site!   See our Reach us page for more information.