Indianola High School Theatre

Technical Data

This page is under construction. All data here is correct, but not all information is posted yet.

Stage Data

The IHS main stage is a proscenium design, with a short apron. The stage floor is 3" wide hardwood (maple) board, stained flat black. An orchestra pit is located beneath the apron, with a removable cover. Principal measurements are below.
  • Proscenium Opening: 39'-6" wide X 17'-6" high
  • Wood deck: 52' wide X 33'-7" deep from back of proscenium
  • Apron: 8'-10" from back of proscenium to lip at center stage
  • Main Drape clearance: Full width X 14'-11" high fully raised (or proscenium height if split)
  • Fly Gallery: Maximum of 18 battens available + 8 dedicated, total height approx. 32'
  • Wing space: Approx. 16' X stage depth each side

House Data

The house has a shallow rake, beginning about 37" below stage level, reaching stage level about 20 rows back. Total seating capacity is 753 in 22 rows.

Scale Drawings & Photos

These drawings were created using TurboCad for Windows v6.0 Professional. Please let me know what file formats are most useful to you and I'll try to be accomidating. If you need .DWG or .DXF format, I'll repost them or email them to you.These format files are quite large, and I have removed them for now since they didn't seem too popular. I've added some of the drawings in Adobe PDF format . Please email me if you need anything you don't find here. If you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader for the PDF's, see my links page.
Stage basic plan in PDF format
Stage Plan with fly gallery pipes (.PDF format)
Dimmer locations (approximate) (.PDF)
Stage Basic plan in TurboCad (.TCW) format
Stage Plan with fly gallery pipes (TCW format)

Additional scale drawings in various formats and photos of the facility will be added as available. In the meantime, please email the Theatre Manager for additional information. . . If you need a CAD program to use these files, try the FREEWARE version of TurboCad on the link below.

TurboCad 2d Light (Freeware CAD)TurboCad v4 LE

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